Timeline Layout for Business Pages

Timeline Layout for Business Pages- Transforming Online Marketing

Online marketing is increasing in popularity for most businesses around the world. In fact, there are many businesses which use the internet entirely for all their marketing purposes. This is because of the increase in the usage of the internet in the last couple of years.  Social networking sites are in fact a very good platform for service and product promotion or marketing.

Facebook is one of the most famous social network sites on the web. It is good marketing platform used by businesses and individuals from around the world. Over the last couple of years, Facebook has really transformed many features on its platform.

Most of the changes that have been made are intended to change use experiences and the general feel of the website. This allows companies and individuals to interact much better through this top social network.

Recently, the Facebook timeline was released and in fact many individual accounts do have this functionality. The timeline is ideally a story board. It narrates all the events that have occurred to your life on Facebook.

The timeline layout for business pages is expected to be released March 30, 2012. If you are worried that such changes might affect your business or branding campaign, you are worried for nothing. You can use the timeline layout for business pages for your own advantage. Through this platform, you will be able to communicate better with audience while also at the same time building and promoting your brand.

The timeline layout for business pages is expected to be the new thing for social media business sites this year. The timeline comes with a subscription button.  Just ensure that you have enabled your subscription button and be ready to have your page content accessed by millions of Facebook users. The people who will access your page would also determine what kind of information they need to be alerted about. This helps in lessening the appearance of irrelevant messages on visitor walls or inboxes.

This new feature has really gotten some good reception by many users and for the case of the new timeline layout for business pages, and things are expected to get even better.

Some businesses might not really see the need for a dedicated website anymore. This is because all the marketing and brand building can be done through the use of social media. You would just need as a business to create a page for your brand just once.

Remember that Facebook is a robust platform.  It is very much like managing a sub-domain under the social media platform. Make sure you use the cover photo as the banner. In that case, this is not much different from a business website and can prove to be a valuable resource for connecting with customers and building sales.

For great headers to use for your business page in the new timeline layout for business pages, simply head on over to profile timeline covers and grab a free cover or have one custom made for your business page.  You can find the site here: http://profiletimelinecovers.com

Facebook Timeline Covers for Business

Installing a Facebook Timeline Cover

When it comes to installing a cover on your timeline, the first thing is to get
the timeline if you don’t have. You can do this either by clicking on a Facebook
timeline announcement or going to the “Introducing Timeline” page on Facebook
which will take you step by step on how to get the timeline. You can also go to
a friend’s timeline and click on “Learn More” to be taken to this page.

After getting the timeline, the next thing that you want to do is to add the
cover photo. After logging into Facebook and going to your timeline (profile),
place your mouse on the bottom left of the cover. The “change cover” button will
appear. Click on this button. You will have the option of choosing from the
photos you have or uploading a new photo. Choose a photo that best represents
you through one of these options. Once the image has been selected and you can
see it on the cover, reposition it according to the space. Finally, click on
save changes.

For specifics, your Facebook timeline cover photo has the dimensions of 851×315
pixels. You can crop or resize your image to this exact size and your cover
photo will look perfect.

**Update** As of March 30, 2012 Facebook announced this layout will be mandatory for all business pages.

For businesses, this cover picture area is very important since they can use it
to market their products and services. What they’ll simply do is create
different covers which they feel will be best for marketing. The covers can help
businesses to gain visibility to their customers.

To learn more about custom Facebook covers for business or for business timeline covers visit http://profiletimelinecovers.com for more information or to have a custom business cover generated for your Facebook business page.

Since the cover photo cannot be missed on your Facebook profile page, it is
imperative to choose a good one. Get a high resolution image which will not get
distorted when shown in this wide range. Since your profile picture will still
be on the page, the cover photo needs to be something unique that you feel will
best depict you.

For business pages it is important to tie this main image in to your existing branding efforts.  Using common images and design elements will make the Facebook page and extension of your main website and will help to provide a seamless experience for customers and visitors to your page.

Key Advantages to the Facebook Timeline Profile Layout

Key Advantages to the Facebook Timeline Profile Layout

With such a drastic layout change there are many questions surrounding the merits of the new facebook timeline profile layout.

1. This is a novel way to represent a person’s life in an organized chronologic manner.

2. The high quality layout and design is very intuitive and easy to use with zero learning curve.

3. The facebook profile timeline covers (header images) are customizable and allow for more individualized profile pages.  Find free profile covers for your facebook page at: http://profiletimelinecovers.com/ 

4. Users can discuss more life events with friends to develop more knowledge and understanding.

5. Timeline takes the conversation with next level by building an emotional connect and nostalgia among users.

6. It summarizes the user identity in a simple manner and easy to attract other users to make friends and connections.

7. It is an easy alternate to personal blogs and online diary of events.

8. Facebook is targeting small businesses with this novel approach and offering incentives on Facebook ads and sponsored stories for quicker adoption.

In summary, Faceboook timeline is a key feature that would entice users to build and connect with their friends and bring in more friends by the detailed view of their life organized interestingly as stories, updates and photos.  It is a recommended change you will quickly love.

Users can click on “Get Timeline” link from the Facebook Timeline announcement page to enable this feature.

Introduction to the Facebook Timeline

Introduction to Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline is a new feature introduced by Facebook by end of 2011. This is available for all facebook users. The “timeline” feature replaces the user’s profile page. It shows the summary of your key status updates, photos, shares organized across an ordered timeline. It presents a view similar to that of scrapbook.

During the launch on F8 event, Mark Zuckerberg remarked that the timeline feature will allow you to have extended conversation and build a deep friendship among the users. The timeline starts right from the birth of the user to the events till date. It is a total chronology of your life story and moments to cherish with friends.

Users can click on “Get Timeline” link from the Facebook Timeline announcement page to enable this feature.

Facebook Timeline has the following features:
1. Cover page which appears as the top banner of your timeline. You can choose any photo and drag to re-size the fit onto the cover page. This is an identity of your page and you can get creative to design the cover page in a unique fashion or download a professional facebook profile timeline cover for free at http:www.profiletimelinecovers.com.

2. Personal Information of the user including work, study, location, friends list, Photos, Map and Likes organized as short albums, Update Info, and Activity Log. Activity Log will show you all the activities including your comments, sharing, likes on other friends’ updates.

3. User stories organized on a timeline slider starting from current day. User can choose the year on the timeline slider on the top right corner of the page. Users can add photos, stories, events of significance. Timeline offers a beautiful view of every year based on the key status updates, photos and likes. Facebook has an in-built algorithm to show the key moments to relive them and create nostalgia.

4. Apps section is listed for the users to share the apps and links with other friends.
Privacy and access controls are applicable on the timeline page. User can restrict the views with limited set of audience like close friends by modifying the access control settings.